Clarisonic Aria Review

I have toyed with the idea of trying out a face brush for quite a long time, so when I was asked If i’d like to review the Clarisonic Aria I jumped at the chance.

clarisonic aria review

clarisonic aria review

As you can see from the picture above, the aria comes with a drying stand that you can put it in after cleansing, and quite a nifty little charging system with a “USB-enabled pLink charger. The charger attaches magnetically to the front of the Aria, and then you can either choose to plug it in via USB or plug socket, you also get a trial 30ml cleanser in the box.

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clarisonic aria review

The Aria is marketed as a “sonic” skin cleaning system.

So what is “sonic skin cleansing?!”

The skin cleansing system is meant to work with the natural elasticity of the skin, and is said to oscillate at more than 300 movements per second (mad!) to help get your skin super clean, and remove the dirt and impurities.

With prolonged use Aria is said to reduce any oily areas, blemishes or dry patches and is also said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The brush can clean your face at three different speeds. It has a handy little indicator which shows you how battery life is performing and even contains an adjustable timer – enabling you to choose your cleansing time, and also giving you a handy beeping notification when its time to switch to a new area on your face.

clarisonic aria review

What I liked about the Aria?

The brush never feels irritating on the skin, it is really smooth and just glides across. It was really easy to keep track of how long I had spent cleansing each part of my face, due to the very useful timer. I also like the fact that it was quite compact and not at all heavy. It would be a very useful product to travel with, and you wouldn’t feel like you were taking a huge piece of equipment with you. The indicator that lets you know how well battery life is performing is great too. It would flash red when the device was in need of a charge, and I’d just leave it on overnight.

What I disliked about the Aria?

I wouldn’t say there was anything I really disliked about the Aria. I did find that putting on and removing the brush head was slightly fiddly at first, but I think that was just me being a bit awkward, as I later discovered that keeping the cap on the brush head, and then twisting it on/off was the correct way to do things!

How easy is it to use?

Massively easy! Make sure it’s charged, make sure your face is wet and you’ve applied your cleanser, switch it on, adjust the speed settings, and you’re off.

How often do I use the Aria?

My skin is really sensitive, and when I first started using the Aria, I was cleansing my face every day. I soon found that was too extreme for my skin and it started to become quite irritated. Now I have switched to using it about twice a week, and the results have been much better.

Have I seen any noticeable results?

I have been using the Clarisonic for nearly 2 months now and have seen results. My pores seem smaller, and my face is less oily, which is great for me as I have never had much luck controlling my oily skin. This seems to really reduce it and to help keep it slightly more at bay.

What was my Aria routine?

I would start off will a face full of make-up. I’d remove my make up with my Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Then it was over to the Clarisonic to remove what my cleanse and polish may have missed. I wet my face again, and add in a little more of the cleanse and polish, and then cover my whole face. The clarisonic exfoliates the skin whilst doing its thing. So after I’ve finished the cycle I will moisturise my face and then usually sleep.  Essentially I really use my Clarisonic to give my skin an extra good clean, and make sure all grime/make up remnants are gone!

Who would I recommend Aria to?

I’d recommend it for anyone – young or old. For me it has really helped to keep my oilyness at bay, but for aging skin it also states it aids the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Currentbody have a great range of Clarisonic products- they even do one for the body which is pretty cool! If you’re thinking about getting a Clarisonic or use one currently then I’d love to know! The Aria retails at £155.