Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Treatment

I’m sure we’ve all suffered from over-bleached, damaged hair at some point. I’ve been looking for a product to rescue some of my dry brittle ends that are a result of my balyage. I’m already a big fan of hair masks, the ones that you put on in the shower and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, however when I stumbled across the Charles Worthington moisture seal overnight treatment I was intrigued. An overnight treatment?! That’s like maximum moisture for my hair. So I went along to my nearest Boots and kept an eye out. Charles Worthington was on offer which made it even cheaper than usual (£4.66 instead of £6.99)

The product claims to give your parched hair ultimate hydration, with a blend of a number of oils. Including coconut and argan oils for lasting nourishment. Apply before you sleep and be amazed as no residue is left on your pillow. Hair strength is doubled over night whilst breakage is reduced by 85%.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Treatment

How Did I Use It?

The product recommends that you use it one to two times per week. Smoothing it through dry hair from root to tip. If you’ve applied the product to clean hair it’s advised you rinse off in the morning. If you suffer from product build up in your hair then its recommended that you follow up with shampoo and conditioner. After I applied this I followed up with shampoo and conditioner just because I wanted to make sure my hair was as clean as can be.

What Did I Think?

I squeezed the product into my palm and applied it liberally over over my hair. I was a bit suspicious about the claim that it doesn’t transfer to your pillow. So I put a shower cap on over the top of my hair. Cue many jokes made my boyfriend about the fact I looked like a not so glamorous dinnerlady. I have to admit it was kind of greasy up in my showercap covered coated head but I just sucked it up and went to sleep. When I got up the next morning I legged to the bathroom to wash out the product. I have to admit my hair felt lovely, very soft and silky. I saw my mum later that day who commented that she thought the ends of my hair looked much less dry. (thanks Ma!)

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Treatment

Overall I think the Charles Worthington moisture seal overnight treatment is a great little buy and really good for a quick hair pick me up. Just apply, sleep and wash out in the morning – simple!