My Eyebrow Microblading Experience

Brows are an extremely popular beauty topic. Over the past couple of years they have exploded across the scene and everyone seems to be obsessed with making sure their brows are absolutely perfect. I am no exception to this rule. I’ve got slim eyebrows anyway, and after years and years of overplucking I have been trying to grow them back. I try and enhance my look with products like brow pomade, gel, pencil and more but I can never seem to master the insta-worthy eyebrow. Goodness knows how much I’ve spent on eyebrow makeup over the years too..!

There has been so much talk about eyebrow microblading over the past couple of years, with a wide list of celebrity fans swearing by it. I was intrigued. But what we are talking about is a semi-permanent make up procedure. Its essentially an eyebrow tattoo, so I’m not going to lie, I was a bit scared. I originally thought about the procedure last summer but I talked myself out of it and vowed to keep growing my eyebrows. Fast forward 6 months and I was 10 weeks away from my wedding day with eyebrows that were still lacking their much needed volume and shape I had to do something about them. So now I present to you, my new eyebrows!

eyebrow microblading

eyebrow microblading

For reference, here’s what my eyebrows looked like with no makeup prior to the procedure above. They had started to thicken up a bit but they were still very sparse around the front where I had plucked them for years and showed no sign of growing back.  They were also quite uneven in shape and didn’t match very well due to my reluctance at going to get them professionally done.

I started browsing Instagram for microblading technicians. It was so important to me to find someone with a decent portfolio and good recommendations. This was essentially a tattoo going on my forehead so I needed someone I could trust. I eventually settled on a technician near my house who specialised in hairstroke brows, ombre microblading and more. I was dead set on having my brows applied using the “hairstroke” microblading method, but once I spoke to my technician at my consultation she said I’d be much better suited to the ombre technique, which is more of a graduated block colour applied with a small handpiece with teeny tiny needles. This was due to the fact that I have very oily skin, and the oiler your skin is the less defined and more blurry hairstroke microblading tends to look.

How Did It Feel?

My technician started by drawing on my eyebrows in my desired shape. She was great at listening to any feedback I had on the shape, and happily altered them until I was happy with the desired effect.

After that I laid down on the bed and she set to work. First she sketched out the template with the microblading handpiece and then applied some numbing cream and started implanting the colour. I would describe the treatment as slightly uncomfortable. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are quite watery anyway, but the closer my technician got to the inner edge of my brows the more sensitive it became and the more my eyes watered! Towards the tails of my brows I would describe the sensation as a light scratching, but nothing too terrible.

Day 1

eyebrow microblading

These were my eyebrows directly after I’d had the treatment carried out. Excuse my hair, not sure what was going on there.. My first thought was OMG they’re actually even and have a nice arch! They do look very bold and are red around the edges. They did feel quite sore and very tender to the touch. I liked the overall defined look it gave me. My technician gave me 2 aftercare creams, one was a creamy moisturiser which I had to apply for 2 days prior to treatment. I applied this 3 times and day and it helped to soothe and calm any irritation.

Days 2-5

eyebrow microblading

These days went by without a hitch. I continued to apply the creams I was given and switched onto using the more vaseline type skin gel on day 3. I hadn’t noticed any flaking or scabbing even by day 5.

eyebrow microblading Day 6-7

eyebrow microblading

Days 6 and 7 are when the scabbing started to take hold. As you can see from the picture the tops of the brows started getting a little patchy and the heavy colour was coming away.

Day 8-9

eyebrow microblading

eyebrow microblading

Days 8 and 9 were when I started getting embarrassed to leave the house! The inside of my eyebrows started heavily coming away so it looked a bit patchy and weird. The most annoying thing was that I wasn’t allowed to put any makeup on them in case of infection, so I couldn’t even them up.

Day 10


Day 10 and large amounts of colour had come away. As you can see the majority of it is left on the tails of my eyebrows.

Day 12

eyebrow microblading

Day 12 and all my scabs had finally come off. At this point I was a little disappointed as I missed the bolder colour of my brows.

3 Weeks After the initial procedure


eyebrow microblading

3 weeks after my initial procedure and I am super happy with the result. I’ve found that now the pigment has reappeared and is stronger than it was after the scabs initially fell off. I put little to no effort into filling my eyebrows in now and I love their new shape.

Next Steps & Thoughts

I’m heading back to the beauty clinic next week for my touch up. This appointment will involve another round of colour. This should help to fill in any spots which didn’t take well last time. It will also give me chance to make any changes to their shape should I so wish. I am so glad I had this procedure done. At around £280 It isn’t cheap but so worth it to avoid doing my eyebrows in the morning! The pigment should last from between 1-2 years and I should only need to go in for another top up after this time to keep the colour looking fresh.

Are you thinking about having eyebrow microblading? Or have you had it done? Let me know!