Huda Beauty Lip Strobes Swatches + Review

Back in September I was undertaking a whirlwind tour of as many Sephoras as I could find to get my hands on as much Huda Beauty as possible! Part of my haul was this collection of 4 Huda Beauty lip strobes.

What Is A Lip Strobe?

The Huda Beauty lip strobes are lip-glosses that provide a “sheer to full” coverage dependent on the shade you choose. You can wear them over the top of your favourite lipsticks, or they can be worn alone. I picked up 4 shades “moody”, “fearless”, “snobby” and “angelic”.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes

What is The Formula Like?

The formulation is very lightweight, it doesn’t make your lips feel heavy. The product goes on really easily and application is even as the product spreads well. It isn’t sticky and it did feel fairly moisturising to me. It lasts well, you will experience transfer when drinking and eating so you can’t go too wild without application. If i didn’t eat or drink whilst wearing it I reckon it could have lasted 4-5 hours.

As you can see below the gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. I almost always use a lip brush when applying lip products, but this was really easy to use with the applicator provided.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes


Moody is a full coverage purple gloss with plum tones.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes


Fearless is a medium purple with plum undertones and flecks of gold. It’s not as full coverage as moody.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes


Snobby is a light pink with flecks of silver.  The coverage is fairly sheer.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes


Angelic is a more medium pink that has gold flecks. It has a higher coverage than snobby

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes

Top: (snobby, fearless) Bottom:(angelic, moody)

I have to say I absolutely love these lip glosses. As a rule of thumb I usually hate lip gloss as it’s so sticky but these are fab. They are so pigmented that I’ve taken to wearing them on their own in place of a lipstick as the colours are so vibrant!