Why I Stopped Using Sulfate Based Haircare Products

Since getting married I’ve got a bit wild with the colours of my hair. A couple of weeks after the event itself I decided to get a blonde balayage done, going from quite a dark brunette to a bleached blonde. Whilst the hair colour was perfect for the warmer summer months as we transitioned into winter and it got colder and darker I longed for my brunette hair back. I then decided to have a demi-permanent brunette gloss put over my blonde to try and recover some of my brown strands!

I’ve now had 2 demi-permanent brunette colours applied over my blonde hair and I am currently quite a dark brown shade again! I noticed after having my hair done with a demi-permanent colour the first time round that the colour started fading quite quickly. It was after this that I started looking into sulfate based haircare products and how they could be doing more harm than good to my hair!

What Is A Sulfate?

A sulfate is an additive to products that allows them to foam. You may have heard of “sodium lauryl sulfate” which is an ingredient found in most shampoo and conditioner. When mixed with water the sulfates get rid of grease so it can be easily washed away.

sulfate based haircare produts

Whats The Problem With Them?

They Kill Your Colour

Sulfates are there to clean your hair, however some of them can be a bit abrasive. When you use hair products that contain sulfates they can cause the outer layer of your hair shaft to become more vulnerable. Meaning that it opens up and the colour in your hair can fade out. This was probably one of the main reasons I switched to sulfate free products – I want my colour to last as long as possible!

Sulfates Can Wash Away Natural Oils

If your hair is particularly dry then sulfates are a no-no. Not only do they kill off your colour but they also strip hair of its natural oils. If you hair is already feeling a bit dry and damaged then they won’t help.  They can dry out your hair folicle meaning you can kiss goodbye to soft and nourished locks.

They Make Your Hair Frizzy

Sulfates can find their way under your hair cuticle making it lift and exposing the core of your hair to moisture, resulting in frizz! A weakened and frizzy hair strand also leads to further damage and split ends.

sulfate based haircare products

So What Am I Using Instead?

In almost perfect timing I was sent some Shea Moisture products from sparklePR a couple of weeks ago. I was able to try the smooth and tame shampoo and conditioner. The range has no nasty chemicals in it and is also sulfate free and colour safe – perfect! The products gently cleanse the hair and help to control any frizz. The result? Shiny looking and healthier hair.

I also picked up the new bamboo brunette range from OGX when in Boots recently too. This range helps to infuse brunette strands with moisture and to illuminate brunette tones, and it’s sulfate free! I have to say after switching to these products I have 100% noticed a difference. My hair feels so much softer and manageable. Prior to using them sometimes my hair would feel heavy with product and didn’t seem as clean as It could be.

I’m also pleased to report that my colour seems to be holding up well. I haven’t noticed any fading at all so far. If you’re thinking about giving sulfate free products a try I would definitely recommend it. Theres no going back for me now!