5 Makeup Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

5 Makeup Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

Instagram is a place where I get a lot of my inspiration for creating makeup looks. I love watching the sped up videos of make up artists crafting their visions. Today I thought I’d do something different and share some of the most amazing makeup artists I have come across on Instagram if you are looking for some inspiration on new accounts to follow! Below are 5 makeup artists you need to follow on Instagram.

Goar Avetisyan

I started following Goar after I watched some of her videos transforming people who had acne/skin conditions and even some facial disfigurement. Everyone always ends up looking so glamorous. Most of her looks are very classic, she doesn’t often play around with a lot of colour. But I love them as they are perfect inspiration for a special occasion, wedding and more.

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Stacey Marie MUA

I started following Stacey a couple of years ago when she did her incredible gem skull look for halloween. I have followed ever since and love watching her create super vibrant, colourful looks. She runs 1 to 1 classes for people to learn more and has recently released her own beautiful “carnival” palette with bPerfect cosmetics. 

Kimberley Margarita

I started following Kimberley when she was known as “colour creep”. Her makeup looks are so out of this world, and she not only does her makeup but will also work with her surroundings to make it fit in with her overall look. Think huge flowers and butterflies in her hair. She’s one of my favourites because I feel she’s so original. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do anything the way she does it. Just have a look at the picture below to see what I mean! (Plus she has cute cats that feature in her photos sometimes!)

Nicole Tanneberg

I follow Nicole as I love her cute, quick and funny make up tutorial videos. She tends to stick to quite glam looks but always manages to look flawless whilst injecting a bit of humour along the way.

Girl Grey Beauty

I came across Andrea on Pinterest. She is probably the most pinned lip makeup artist of all time. Chances are if you see a lip look on Pinterest, Andrea is behind it. The looks she creates are genuinely like mini works of art. Her lips make the perfect canvas for every piece she creates, and I’m not going to lie, I do get some lip envy every time I see her post a picture.

If you are looking for some new inspiration on your feed I would really recommend following any of these amazing artists. They are always coming up with new creative looks and always leave me wanting more!