Blush and Contour Palettes for Fans of Cool Toned Makeup

Lately I’ve found myself drawn towards cooler toned makeup. I tend to find that my skin suits pinks, blues and lilacs much more than orange or golden tones. I’ve been leaning towards buying more and more cool toned makeup. Recently I opted to try out some blush and contour palettes that I thought would compliment my skin.

I opted for the Morphe 8C cool pro blush palette and the Revolution HD pro powder contour palette in fair medium.

cool toned makeup

Morphe 8C cool pro blush palette

The Morphe blush palette is made up of 8 cool-toned shimmer, matte and satin blushes. Perfect for turning my dull skin into a picture of radiance. You can find the following colours in the palette:

  • Sexy – A shimmery pink
  • It Girl – A ballerina pink
  • Free – Bright cotton candy
  • Hot – A matte fuchsia
  • Driven – A shimmery peach
  • Ego – A  copper shimmer
  • Drama – A deep pink/purple
  • Queen – A deeper raspberry shade

The shades apply so well and blend like a dream. They are well pigmented and the formula lasts all day. My favourite shades are “it girl” and “free”. They are so wearable and really compliment my skin tone. Shades “ego” and “drama” are a bit more difficult for me to wear as I’m quite pale, however they are wearable as eyeshadows.

cool toned makeup

Revolution HD pro powder contour palette in fair medium

I picked up this palette because I thought the tones looked like they’d be really complimentary to my skin tone. In the past I have used bronzers to contour. However, often I find they are too orange toned for me and I don’t enjoy looking like a wotsit!

This is a powder formula palette and it combines a mix of highlight, contour and bronzing shades. The palette is actually said to combine a mix of shades for warm and cool undertones but personally I feel it leans towards the cooler end of the spectrum. The palette is long wearing and well pigmented. The shades blend really well and you don’t get that muddy look that some contouring products can result in.

I use it to add definition to my face around my cheekbones, temples and jaw.

cool toned makeup

Both palettes are super affordable. With the Morphe palette costing £20 and the Revolution contour palette being only £8! I really would recommend them to anyone looking for cool toned makeup options.