My Night Time Beauty Routine Product Essentials

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have our own night time beauty routine. Whether its 1 product we use before bed, or 10 there are certain things I like to do before I’ve settled down to get my 8 hours. Today I thought I’d talk about the products that I depend on to work their magic whilst I’m sleeping that form my night time beauty routine. Leaving me fresh faced for the day ahead.

My Night Time Beauty Routine


The first thing I do is take all my makeup off using a cleanser I’ve used for years. The Superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser. I’ve spoken about it before here and how I think it’s a great dupe for the Liz Earle alternative. I massage it into my skin and use a cloth soaked in hot water to get most of my makeup off.


The next thing I will do is grab a cotton pad and my Tarte exfoliating tingling treatment. I wrote about how I use the product when I feel a spot coming on here. Essentially this product is a toner that helps to resurface and exfoliate the skin. It minimises your pores and helps to control oil production.

Whitening Mask

Now my skin is definitely clean it’s time for a facemask! Around once a week I will use the Mario Badescu whitening mask. The mask is marketed as being hydrating and helpful in brightening uneven skin tones. It can reduce old acne scars and skin discolouration. Every time I use this mask It makes my skin feel so soft. It actually smells good and combines ingredients like Licorice and Mulberry.

Drying Lotion

Once the core skincare is done, its time to move on to the heavy hitters. I always reach for my Mario Badescu drying lotion to try and zap any spots I have forming overnight. This stuff smells kind of gross but It really works. The product kind of collects at the bottom of the bottle like a sediment. I grab a cotton bud and dip it in and then place it over the spots on my face causing me trouble. The cream is bright pink so it’s very noticeable. It does work wonders on under the surface spots, I often find when I wake up in the morning they are dramatically reduced.

Eye Cream

Recently I have been trying out a new eye cream by Ole Henriksen called the Banana bright eye cream. It’s a lovely rich cream used to brighten and target fine lines and wrinkles. It feels really hydrating on the eye area and I always make sure this is in place before I settle down to go to bed. It’s very lightweight so it doesn’t feel like its weighing your face down. It absorbs easily and leaves your eye area feeling refreshed.


I’ve also been trying a new mouthwash that I use before bed from The Breath co, kindly sent to me by Sparkle PR. Skincare is really important but sometimes we forget about our oral care too! This mouthwash is made to stop bacteria that causes bad breath. The good news is that it contains no harsh ingredients, so you don’t get that horrible sting after using it that you get with some products. I fill the cap up and rinse for 1 minute, the result is nice fresh breath. The bottle is absolutely huge at 500ml so it will last  you a while ! You can find the brand at Boots.

What are your night time beauty routine essentials?