Trying Shampoo & Conditioner Made From Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp and Cannabis themed beauty products have been a real hot topic in the beauty industry recently. From the explosion of CBD oils to companies like Melt Cosmetics and their “smoke sessions” palette. I was definitely intrigued by these ingredients and how they’re incorporated into products. Recently Alex Silver sent me over some shampoo & conditioner made from hemp seed oil. The brand is called “Hempz” and many of their products are enriched with pure, natural hemp seed oil.

Shampoo & Conditioner Made From Hemp Seed Oil

Whats In The Products?

As mentioned before the shampoo and conditioner are enriched with 100% natural hemp seed oil. Both products had a really lovely citrusy smell.

The formula is said to keep hair hydrated and nourished whilst adding shine and helping to protect against colour fading. Not only this but it helps keep frizzy hair at bay by guarding against humidity.

The shampoo is very rich and thick- a little goes a long way. It lathers really nicely and my hair always felt clean, fresh and light after a wash.

One of the most important things for me in haircare is that there are no nasty chemicals like parabens or sulphates which can fade hair colour. Thankfully Hempz products do not contain these so you can keep that salon fresh look for longer.

Shampoo & Conditioner Made From Hemp Seed Oil

 Considering as this was my first experience with hemp themed products I am quite impressed. My hair was left feeling smooth and nourished. Hempz also have quite a large daily hair care range with products with that sound like they smell delicious – think “raspberry creme”. They also have a whole bodycare range which I’m definitely tempted by ranging from moisturisers to scrubs.

You can find the range of products at with prices for a shampoo or conditioner around £16.

Have you ever tried hemp or cannabis themed products?